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10 Top Senior Living Trends for 2021

After adjusting to life following the arrival of COVID-19, there are a lot of trends that have been incorporated into our everyday living. Even after COVID-19 blows over, there are Senior Living trends that are popular now that will be significant for the future to come.

This year, we are seeing a lot of focus on wellness-inspired trends that can carry on for years to come. Here at Coastal Reconstruction Group, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 senior living trends for 2021.

Emphasize wellness culture and Holistic Lifestyle

1. Emphasize wellness culture and Holistic Lifestyle

After COVID-19 hit, many providers have made it a priority to promote wellness through programming and design choices of living spaces. With a strategic Senior Living design for your community, you can incorporate things such as outdoor spaces and sufficient natural lighting.

Consider bringing in the outdoors by incorporating fresh plants to help purify the air. Many communities have dedicated spaces for holistic wellness. Yoga, meditation, and spiritual practices are some ways to promote wellness culture in your community.

Location is important for senior living

2. Focus on Location

Today’s retirement communities are aligning their amenities and services to be in accord with their resident’s desires. Your location might meet a demand for fine dining, shopping, entertainment purposes, and so on. If your location does not offer too much location wise, you can focus on creating a resort-style design within your community.

Top senior living trends includes using easy to clean materials

3. Using Cleanable Materials

Continuing with the trends for 2021, having sustainable fabrics and surfaces will still be a huge trend for many years to come. The surfaces that are touched by residents can be upgraded to nonporous surfaces, solids that are antimicrobial, and fabrics that are easy to wipe clean.

Having better options for disinfecting your surroundings will make it easier for staff to keep the community clean. Furniture that is durable and that can stand up to wear and tear through rigorous cleaning will be in high demand.

Connection through technology

4. Connection through Technology

Technology has been a lifesaver when it comes to staying connected to your loved ones. When the COVID-19 shutdown happened, many family members felt helpless not being able to see their mothers, father, grandparents, or friends. Incorporating technology through all operations can help facilitate communication between staff, residents, and all families involved.

It’s vital to have internet connection (both indoors and outdoors). The latest developments of technology include activity trackers, heart rate monitors, “smart” gadgets such as phones, tablets, TV’s, remote monitoring, and voice-activated systems.

pet friendly spaces in senior living

5. Pet Friendly Spaces

Many senior living communities are pet friendly. It’s important to have dedicated spaces and/or programs that show commitment to your resident’s pets. Pet-friendly amenities may include having walking trails, dog parks with off-leash dog areas, and programs that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Safe social distancing

6. Safe Social Distancing

Continuing to promote safe social distancing will be a huge trend for 2021. Beautiful spaces can provide protection by allowing people to enjoy a picturesque environment while also staying protected. An example of this would be having room dividers that help create intimacy for residents while they are in larger common areas. Creating a cozy space is pleasant for visiting family members and close friends of residents.

Employees and team members in senior living

7. Efficient Spaces for Employees and Team Members

Creating a relaxing space for staff members is significant during and after this extremely hectic and stressful global pandemic. Since the end of 2019, a lot of people have been feeling overwhelmed and have been struggling with their mental health.

Designing a space for your staff to relax during their break time is a lovely way to encourage holistic wellness for your team members. Some ideas may include having a separate break room with inviting furniture such as tables, chairs, and sofas. Warm and inviting tones and decorations can help enhance a calming mood.

refined dining senior living

8. Refined Dining

Another massive trend in retirement living this year is an increased focus on restaurant-style cuisine.  A huge part of residents joining a senior living community is being able to enjoy sophisticated dining.

The importance of nutrition is evident as most places move away from the basic “three meals per day” mentality and embrace a lifestyle of convenience. Many dining options now include on-site snack options that allow residents to grab and go that make it easy to have a bite to eat in between larger meals.

Outside space in senior living

9.Updated Outdoor Living Spaces

For residents who are in independent living communities, having updated outdoor living spaces is also a massive trend in 2021 senior living communities. Program coordinators and lifestyle directors are really taking advantage of outdoor spaces to promote energetic programs that enhance their resident’s wellbeing.

Outdoor possibilities include incorporating entertainment options such as boutique fitness programs, yoga classes, mini golf courses, swimming pools, gardening, and much more.

Senior living educational programs

10. Educational Programming

An ongoing trend in senior living is investing in educational programming. Progressive communities continue to implement educational programs to help residents flourish by encouraging personal expression and growth.

Senior living communities can design designated spaces to promote education. Exciting adventures may include art classes, music lessons, book clubs, dance lessons…even cooking classes!

Senior living is forever changing and growing to accommodate the amazing residents that are part of the community.  If you would like to learn more about choosing the right general contractor for any of your community project’s needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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