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Top Three Benefits for Remodeling Your Community

Doing a community remodel can seem like a daunting task. The COVID-19 shutdown gave many companies a chance to remodel or finally tackle major projects they have been putting off. If you are thinking about remodeling your community, Coastal Reconstruction Group has compiled a list of top three benefits as to why we think it’s a good idea.

1. Remodel Your Community for Safety Reasons

Our top benefit for remodeling your community is for safety reasons. When things haven’t been attended to for a while, the care and protection of your residents and staff can be in jeopardy.

Remodeling your community gives you an opportunity to address some safety concerns that could have arisen in the past few years, but–due to lack of time perhaps–were not dealt with. The common saying “a stitch in time saves nine” comes to mind. The ROI you gain with saving something ahead of time will cost much less than having to re-do or rebuild something.

Some things to think about when you remodel your community is to identify potential hazards:

  1. Slippery tile or floor needing replacement

  2. Making sure the inside sprinkler system is up to code

  3. Proper fire system monitoring in place

  4. ADA compliant disability ramps

  5. Clear egress at all exits

  6. Stronger building materials

  7. Consider wider doorways

  8. Installing safety handrails

With diseases such as COVID-19, think about whether you need to install cleanable surfaces in common areas that are currently difficult to disinfect. Any surface that is soft and porous is most likely to trap germs. Maintaining proper hygiene can help keep harmful germs away from your staff and residents.

2. Stay Current with The Latest Trends

With COVID-19 still being a top concern in the workplace, there are trends that the pandemic started that help enhance the versatility of a room layout. Not only can a remodel allow you to upgrade your furniture, but you can kill two birds with one stone by purchasing furniture that permits you to have an open layout. Having open spaces– especially outdoors–is a highly recommended suggestion by the CDC. Maintaining social distancing while having a fashionable new look is a win-win.

In addition to making your community a safer place for COVID-19, the bonus of a re-do is being able to stay current with the latest trends as well.

Not only is a remodel cheaper than building a brand-new community, but you can save on upgrading! Staying up-to-date with the latest fashions and styles allows you to be industry leading in a competitive market. As you know, each generation has their unique set of tastes and trends.

Give your clients and customers improved living spaces by considering the following:

  1. Energy-efficient upgrades

  2. Custom living spaces

  3. Incorporating Green solutions

  4. Comfortable outdoor living

  5. Upgraded bathroom and kitchen

  6. New counters and floors

  7. Open Concept design

  8. Visual upgrades with interior design

  9. Bold colors and patterns

  10. More natural light

3. Incorporating New Technology in Your Community

Digital technology is a dynamic tool that should be incorporated in any new community remodel. If your community does not have the latest technologically included in your amenities, incorporating it into your remodel can be extremely valuable. In today’s society, we depend largely on technology to stay connected to one another.

Technology transforms lives by connecting families with residents when they cannot physically be there in person. Another excellent use for upgrading your technology in your community is to take advantage of physical fitness programs. For example, a top concern in Senior Living is the wellness and safety of family members.

New technology and products wear better and give better longevity. For instance, did you know that having a “smart” thermostat extends the life of your HVAC? It also saves you money by learning your heating and cooling patterns and adjusting accordingly. Furthermore, having the latest programs and cutting-edge technology allows you to provide your residents with an improved care experience.

These last couple of years in the pandemic have been extremely stressful and heartbreaking for many of us. We are all learning together what the best tactics are for coping with COVID-19 on a daily basis. Touchless technology is another huge component in a post-COVID world. The less surfaces we touch, the less likely we are to cross contaminate them with the dangerous germs that cause illnesses like COVID.

In summary, remodeling your building brings many benefits to the community. Keep your staff, residents, clients, and visitors safe with upgraded materials and attending to safety concerns. Remodeling allows you to stay up to date with the latest trends, including trends started with COVID-19. Ultimately, it gives you a chance to elevate your technology to help stay better connected to one another.

If you are thinking about a community remodel, contact Coastal Reconstruction Group, we’d love to help!

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